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Overall reviews at Trimac Transportation

Truck Driver | Regina, SK | Mar 8, 2023
Not a good place to work...
The company has a history of poor organization and customer service which makes it difficult for customers to get their shipments on time. First, Trimac's lack of communication with its customers can be problematic when it comes to shipping deadlines or other important information about orders. For example, if there are changes in the delivery schedule or any delays due to weather conditions, they often fail to notify their customers until after the shipment has already been delayed by several days. This creates unnecessary stress for both parties involved as well as lost revenue from missed deliveries and unhappy clients who may not want to work with them again in future transactions.. Secondly , Trimac also suffers from inefficient scheduling practices which can lead to late arrivals at destinations or missed pickups altogether . They tend not provide accurate estimates regarding arrival times so customers have no way of knowing exactly when their order will arrive . Additionally , drivers often make multiple stops along routes instead of completing one job before starting another thus creating long wait times between destinations which further undermines customer satisfaction levels . Last but certainly not least , Trimacs equipment maintenance procedures are subpar resulting frequent breakdowns during trips leading costly repairs and even more delays . Furthermore these mechanical issues could potentially put employees lives at risk while out on roadways making saf
ConsBad organization of work.
Driver | Regina, SK | Sept 4, 2013
Not For Everyone
Driver retention seems to be a critical issue with this company, and it's not hard to see why. They will work you 13+ hours every day. I've put in some 15-16 hour days to finish trips. Of course, that's straight working hours, no break at all, and eat as you drive. Consequently, makes it very hard if you have a wife/girlfriend/family, as you won't see much of them. Most trips are fairly short (distance wise), with 3-4 per day not being uncommon. Rather than dispatch an entire truck load to one customer (i.e. single drop) they like to split the trip into 2-3 drops, often in different towns. Makes for a very tiring day when you need to drag the hoses out 4-6 times a day. Sometimes dispatched to deliver to very small gas stations in the heart of downtown Regina (Albert St) in the middle of the day with a Super B. Completely ridiculous. There are more than a few locations that should be tri-axle only (or done on night shift), but they keep sending train units in. Most of the equipment is old, and unless a defect is major, it generally won't be fixed. Communication isn't the best, as often circumstances will change, and the driver isn't informed until he is at the customer's site. For example, where he sees the access road is under construction. On the plus side, pay is above average for this type of work, and so it should be. Although my pay isn't as high as was promised in my initial interview. Good pension and benefit plan as wel
ProsDecent Pay, Good Pension, Good Clothing Allowance
ConsVery Long Days, Old Equipment, Poor Communication
Driver | Port Colborne, ON | Jul 26, 2021
Poorly run company
Was a decent company to work for before upper management decided to cut costs everywhere and make everyones job that much harder. As long as the share holders poclkets are getting filled thats all that matters. Went to a central dispatch sysytem which is a joke, nice group but no team work or commiunication whats so ever, after hours dispatch is another joke, if you actually get a hold of them most of the time they are unable to make any kind of decision so that leaves a driver sitting and waiting. The maintenace on equipment is a joke, not enough mechanics for one, shop hours are a joke, and dont keep much inventory on parts so down time is higher than it should be, all this is due to cost cuts. The pay is not very good considering our cost of living keeps going up, got to fight for raises. Benefits are exspensive. Pension is a bonus, No safety bonus or incentive program anymore, just an allstar program where you get entered into a draw if your driving score is 90-100. Nothing really to make you feel appreciated. Mostly a good group of guys.
ProsPension, newer trucks, co-workers
ConsHours of work, low pay, central dispatching, cost of benefits, maintenance on eqipment (no fault to mechanics), upper management
Driver | Sherwood Park, AB | Feb 10, 2013
a typical day at work
The day starts and you have to look no further then management as the problems start from the top and work their way down, management should never be in a compitition and that is going on,they train you one way at TLC but at the terminal they do the oppisite. The new trucks are garbage in every facet and till they let me go i believe 5 drivers went down with back issues and they dont care.When i first started there was huge mural everybody was great but then they brought in new management and changed things and it went down hill quick,you try just to do your work but it is hard when your lied to right after you arrive at work and then have to deal with things you need to do the job gone from your trailers so it is demorilizing and the moral goes down.I thought the world Of Trimac when i started then came tLC and i even thought that much more of the company but what a huge dissappointment. I will not make excuses for the mistakes i made leading up to my dismissal but I would never recommend them to anybody either. It was a huge let down in my life as a truck driver.
Conseverything you can think of.
Lead Hand | Langley, BC | Mar 31, 2016
Extremely personable and friendly mechanical staff fighting a losing battle with an unknowledgable and power driven manager
Quit a good job to Accept employment at the Langley tank lines shop as a lead hand premium with a specific shift premium that allowed me to work 4 /10s as I was still living out of town. Took a month and a half to complete application. Started work on 8 hr shifts for 2 weeks, first three days didnt have a employee number so couldnt use computer or train, asked about shift after first week and was told I wasnt being a team player it may be 3 months before the shift is realized. Agreed to 4 10s with no premiums and came in for the new shift and was fired for somthing I did not do. Proved I didnt make that mistake, then more lies continued and being on probation means managers discretion. Long and the short of it , extremely poor management and infighting, Broken promises and powertripping.
Prosfriendly co workers, decent shop and equiptment
ConsBroken promises, no leadership
Owner Operator Driver | Edmonton, AB | Mar 15, 2022
Run for the hills.
This is an absolute abomination of the ghost that once was. Company cares about itself only. You are nothing but a number that they feel can be replaced easily. Zero respect for an owner/operator, training is nonexistent for the commodity you will haul, management has absolutely no idea what is going on, put in their position only because they can say yes to the board. Losing work all the time and couldn’t care about it. As an owner operator that has worked here, and the previous name that it was under, I have witnessed nothing but the steady decline of this operation. If you have way too much money, sign on. They will be sure to drive you under in no time. I think their actually is a pool going in the upper offices to see who falls first with the owner ops. If I may say, there were a few great Dispatcher’s that made you forget the h**l that you were in. I just hope this company doesn’t break them like it has to so many good people who they have lost through the last few years. All in faster.
Manager | Calgary, AB | Nov 6, 2022
Only what’s best for Trimac
Most of the time leadership is focused on what’s best for them and the company. Rarely focused on valuing and doing things that are in their employees interests. - if they want something done, you’re expected to work more hours outside of business hours - when they want to reduce costs they reduce people, but the work goes to those that remain without changing expectations - despite a great year financially for the company, wage increases still don’t meet inflation. Getting higher than inflation price increases from customers at the same time but goes into the companies pocket - remote work is slowly being abolished. Was one of the only real upsides of working for the company but that’s somehow not good for Trimac - little opportunity for growth. When they do arise, they most often hire externally
ProsVery little currently
ConsLong hours, below average compensation, mandatory return to the office, no career progression
Retention Specialist | Canada | Sept 17, 2015
Top in its class
Great Company, well oiled machine if you will with great levels of expertise and field experience. I enjoyed the "people" the most, from new to seasoned drivers, trainers and most management. There are many opportunities with the company but unfortunately one manager's personal opinion may effect your career development rather than skill. The most challenging part of my job was dealing with some poor, ineffective leaders and having little to no support in fostering the necessary changes. Most rewarding would have be to see an individual accomplish his/her goals, such as a technician obtaining his AZ or a company driver becoming an owner operator and purchasing his first truck. I guess I am a sucker for happy endings... Like everywhere you have to take the good with the bad.
ProsLeader in the industry
ConsLack of training for new hires other than drivers and not enough emphasis on career development
Owner Operator Driver | Port Colborne, ON | Mar 18, 2023
Safe, reputable trucking company
Trimac is a company that puts safety of its drivers and staff at the highest priority. Equipment is safe, you'll never be asked to take something on the road that has safety defects. Drivers are provided PPE and all the training you'll ever need (and more than you'll want but its for the best). Depending on the board you run there is a decent work life balance that was good enough that I stayed there several years as an owner operator and a couple as a company driver. If there wasn't a mandatory weekend per month and pay was better I'd still be there.
ProsStrong culture of promoting and enforcing safe work practices, some decent home daily work on some boards
ConsNormal Trucking issues, pay not the greatest, central dispatching it was better when my branch had in house dispatch, sometimes weird delivery times as its all on 24/7/365 customer demand, weekends
Branch Manager | North York, ON | Aug 19, 2013
Great group of people to work with. Outstanding staff and professional group of drivers and management.
A typical day consisted of analyzing inventory levels for various customers throughout the evening and ensuring day staff had appropriate loads scheduled for the day shift. In addition, would review P & L of the various operations I am responsible for as well as approve and submit payables. Work on new business from existing clientele and propose pricing/delivery solutions. Outstanding staff members supporting a 24/7 operation who are dedicated and committed to both the customer and employee base. Staff are courteous, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We have fun in the office environment to keep things light, which makes for improved productivity.
ProsBBQ's and lunches for the staff on a bi-monthly basis.
Administrative Assistant | Tulsa, OK | May 9, 2016
Work flow is unpredictable and difficult to communicate with superiors.
I begin everyday by reading over notes left by the night shift the previous evening. I correct times spent on any different repair item, proof read and correct every comment left in the system, verify parts billing is correct and complete out each repair order for the shop manager to perform the final review. Mondays and Thursdays are filled with various reports and payroll. Throughout each day, I close out invoices and bill the items to the appropriate repair order or GL account. Management doesn't often assign any new tasks or projects and when it happens the directives and deadlines are never clear. I have great communication with the techs working on the jobs assigned throughout the day. We give clear communication as to what they need for their jobs and what I can provide to assist them by asking various probing questions and giving feedback in a timely manner. The most enjoyable part of my job is when everyone can come together in an open dialog and communicate tasks and concerns.
ProsShort commute and good pay rates
ConsExpensive health care and very little clear communication with any management.
Delivery Driver | Galt, CA | Nov 22, 2014
Always changing
Not a bad place to work. Good Equipment, Decent manager. Too many changes in the wages for the OTR drivers 3 changes in 2 months time. They took away the incentive to work harder by changing the pay scale from Miles to hourly. What you could make in four days now takes 5+ days. So you work longer for less money. Took away safety bonuses, took away subsistence pay also. They gave the local drivers a big raise and a pay cut for the OTR drivers. The management has listened to the complaints about the pay cut but has not budged to at least pay the OTR drivers what they were making before they went to paying hourly. Team drivers moral is low. But what can you expect when they give them a pay cut and tell them it is not a pay cut. The drivers are not stupid, They can add and subtract. You do not feel valued,that was not the case until they moved from Mileage base pay to hourly base pay. They will loose some great drivers. They need to adjust the pay rate and pay the OTR teams at least what they were making before they went to hourly.
ProsThey let you do your job without micro managing.
ConsLacks Life balance Pay decrease for OTR drivers
Branch Manager | Hayward, CA | Dec 22, 2012
Everyday was like going to school, fantastic advancement
I started with Trimac as a Traffic Supervisor. I completed my contract with them as a multiple Branch Manager. I had the greatest opportunity to be promoted three times within a four year period. This was only achieved by having the perfect mentor. I was put under the wing of the most achieved, well rounded Managers know throughout the tanker industry. There is just too much for me to list concerning what I had learned. Once again with the grooming that Trimac takes with all their managers. I had a perfect set of office, shop, and driving force. The biggest obstacle that I once again found frustrating. Being in two places at the same time. Yes, all task could be met without physically being present. I just found that as a manager the more chances you have to intermingle with all your employees the happier your environment becomes. I can not deny the accomplishment of being a upper level manager. I found myself running to work for the simple fact of other needing me.
Prosgreat company to work for, being in control of your own destiny
Conshealth insurance, pay scale
Truck Driver | Beaumont, TX | Feb 13, 2023
Wouldn't recommend if you're trying to stay ahead on bills
Reading the job postings for the job will make you believe that this company is all about the employee and that you matter, but you're not. You will sit at home for weeks at a time waiting on a load and might get called in to run a load that someone refused to haul and that load may pay you three hundred dollars or less. Or you may be told that you will have several loads and at the last minute they tell you they were canceled when in actuality the other driver that is cool with the dispatch team is wanting some extra cash and they give it to them. Also payroll is bad! You have to watch and make sure you're paid for the loads you haul or you may not get paid. If you find it you weren't paid you have to wait another week to get your money. The sign on bonus you will have to keep asking about it in order to get it when your supervisor knows how it suppose to be paid out but won't pay it unless you inquire about it.
ProsMet some real good people(bayport terminal)
ConsPayroll, management, can't get info from certain people
Local Driver | Pasadena, TX | Jun 2, 2022
Easy trucking job depending what dedicated account you’re on.
I’m a loader, I basically go pick up loads of different chemicals from refineries, tank farms, etc. It’s mostly drop and hook, but trimac has other accounts that are no touch freight. Trimac has good equipment and are all automatics, though they’re still hanging on with a handful of junk trucks that always break down. Their trailers are decent, just make sure you do your pre trips on them. Management is not really there. Don’t waste your time telling personal problems to management because they do not care. They might remember for a day or two but will forget. The #1 problem with trimac as far as I know is pay issues. As every trucking company out there, make sure you be on top of your paperwork and get EVERY penny for ANY work you do. They WILL short you money in hopes of you not noticing or supposedly “got overlooked”. That’s pretty much what I dislike about this company as of right now, and it’s something I shouldn’t be worried about. Other than that, I’m good for now and gathering up experience.

Questions and answers about Trimac Transportation

What is Trimac Transportation holiday leave policy? How much holiday leave do you get per year?
Asked Oct 8, 2019
2 weeks
Answered Mar 5, 2023
Trimac allows you to take as much time as you need, within reason. (If your a driver, office staff is entirely different)
Answered Feb 18, 2023
What is the dress code at Trimac Transportation?
Asked Aug 14, 2019
Your dress code depends on your position and all positions keep safety top of mind. During the hiring process, we encourage you to ask your recruiter what your position requires.
Answered May 12, 2020
Formal, Semi Formal, Casual All is Fine
Answered Jan 8, 2020
What benefits does Trimac Transportation offer?
Asked Mar 23, 2019
They’re not horrible, but there are better packages.
Answered Feb 18, 2023
Almost nothing
Answered Jan 16, 2023
Does Trimac Transportation require background check?
Asked Oct 9, 2018
Trimac does not perform background checks but we do ask about criminal history in the application process.
Answered Mar 31, 2020
Yes but I ended up beating it pretty easy.
Answered Jul 22, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Trimac Transportation?
Asked Sept 21, 2018
Trimac's core value is safety. Our culture is strong, welcoming, encouraging, diverse, open, supportive, and of course, safety-oriented.
Answered Mar 31, 2020
Very bad, at best it is survivable if the employee has a thick skin.
Answered Mar 23, 2019