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Operations Analyst | Toronto, ON | Mar 3, 2013
Operations Work
 Ensure all regular scheduled operations support tasks and functions are carried out effectively and efficiently for all users of Production and Development Systems.  Ensure all supported systems are operating within normal parameters, being monitored appropriately, and preventative action is taken according to defined operational strategies, procedures and policies.  Manage/maintain daily, Weekly, Monthly and yearly backup.  Co-ordinate between vendor/users and support to finalize the schedule.  Provide an excellent level of customer support for service requests, job requests, to ensure on-site support, quality assurance and resolve problems.  Maintain records of jobs, equipment malfunctions and other issues and initiate action within assigned authority to resolve issues and minimize system downtime.  Create and maintain all operation documentations, procedures, and schedules to ensure the accurate execution of all scheduled and requested batch jobs  Implement and maintain the operating and production process environment to ensure that service levels are maintained, and all operational issues are tracked and resolved efficiently.  Process jobs through completion according to assigned schedules to ensure that all jobs scheduled for a particular time frame are accurately executed.  Monitor all servers according to specifications, troubleshooting alerts and escalating to support as required when hardware/software failure demands immediate action.  Involved in various
Volunteer | Toronto, ON | Apr 30, 2015
Productive and enjoyable workplace
At UHN I was a volunteer and I specifically asked my guidance councillor at Medix College to place me there. There were only two positions available that went to the top candidate in each class. Thankfully because of my excellent grades I was chosen. I would register patients for their venipuncture which I found to be one of my favourite things to do at the hospital. I ensured that they had their right to confidentiality and the best customer service to make the process easy and their day a little better. I also would sort and organize lab equipment in the Hematology Department, organize pathology slides and incoming pathology specimens for the Pathologists to review in the Pathology Department. Administrative duties were also given to me in the Pathology Department, i.e. sorting the doctors' mail. Management was excellent, everyone showed the volunteers exactly what to do and then we worked on our own but management was always available to us in case we needed to ask questions. The most enjoyable part of the job for me was knowing I was doing something to better the service people were getting in the healthcare organization. The hardest part of the job was wanting to do more and practicing the skills I learned in the Medical Laboratory Technician program but because I was only a volunteer I was not able to, due to certain laws and regulations.
ProsBeing able to work in such an incredible healthcare organization
ConsNot being able to exercise all the skills I learned in school
Security Officer | Toronto, ON | Apr 21, 2020
Security Department
In terms of health care University Health Network is one of the leaders for patient care and embracing innovation in the health care sector. As a previous employee in UHN's security operations, also as a female, I would suggest the managerial staff in the security department be required to maintain a stronger educational focus on keeping up to date with social appropriateness, gender equality, racial inclusivity and that a higher standard be held regarding acceptable candidates for managerial positions. All UHN members of Security Operations management are male and are also educationally surpassed by many of their subordinates. My experience working within the security department for 5 years exposed a large disconnect between the mangers racist, sexist and authoritarian like behaviour and the standard of excellence UHN maintains regarding healthy work environments. This is unacceptable for such a progressive organization in the health care sector located in one of the most multicultural cities in the world. I am not proud to have worked in this environment, it forced me to compromise my value systems, my integrity and my own standards for self-respect. These are not small compromises to expect employees to make in order to do their jobs in the 21st century.
Senior Analyst | Toronto, ON | May 7, 2020
Every stereotype is true
Pay is decent, but only if you aim high during initial negotiations. After that, you're stuck with a paltry annual increase. Benefits and pension are great. Advancement within your own team/department is rare. The only way to move up is out - either out of your team/department or to another organization. The pace can only be described as glacial. What should take a few days is stretched to weeks. And anything that should take weeks will be measured in months. Management has the emotional intelligence of roadkill. You will be view as a tool rather than a human being, and consequently, will be treated like one. Most will gladly throw their subordinates under a bus to protect their own skin. Expect to continue working after 5PM, well into the evening. HR will do everything to defend the organization. Anything you need/ask of them will be treated like a massive inconvenience. As per above, simple forms and tasks will take weeks to complete. I recommend coming to UHN for a few years of experience, but staying past a few years is a waste of your time. Plenty of better hospitals in the area to work at. PS - You can count the number of social events with one hand, even after losing a few fingers in a tragic accident.
Registration Clerk | Toronto, ON | Aug 5, 2014
Great place to work!
I enjoyed working with Toronto Rehabilitation. My day began at 8 AM getting ready to meet patients attending the Outpatient Specialty Clinic. I worked alongside several doctors and was priveleged to learn many valuable lessons from them. Dealing with a diversity of patients gave me a lot of pleasure and I was always grateful being complemented by the doctors and the patients for the extra care and hard work I put in to make the patient/s comfortable. The most enjoyable part of my job was being there for a patient who needed someone to talk to, or just be the listening ear. It was not always easy especially when dealing with Geriatric and neurocognitive patients but with a pleasant attitude I was able to handle my job efficiently. Working long hours was never an issue for me and I made sure that my work was thoroughly completed for the day before I left to go home. I loved my job.
ProsWe were never pressured by work
ConsSome of the staff took their job very lightly and this caused unpleasantness with the team.
Research Technician | Toronto, ON | Jun 18, 2012
Not fun
A typical day included in-vivo testing of drug formulations used to prevent or reduce the onset of Parkinson's Disease or symptoms produced from the use of levodopa. Unfortunately the PI for this position was not very well involved with the technicians on hand. It was not clear the direction to which the research was heading. The senior scientists lacked any management expertise which left for an uncomfortable work environment. UHN has a two year maximum for contract positions leading to a high turnover of staff to reduce potential costs that would be incurred by a full time permanent worker. While I do not fault UHN for the hiring practices, they do not provide any protection or ability for growth for their contract employees.
Prosdeveloped experience in in-vivo, database design, behavioural analysis and pharmaceutical drug testing.
Consvery poor management.
Registered Nurse | Toronto, ON | Feb 27, 2022
Best place I’ve worked at so far
I’ve been very fortunate here, and I’ve been at the Covid assessment center, the Medical Day Unit, and Minor surgeries, and I have been around so many friendly people, who truly enjoy their jobs, and have a passion for it. This dedicated to patient care. I’ve been under the wings of many, and I always felt safe to ask questions. Management has been nothing but amazing to me. My first manager gave me great references to help get me into my second unit. Where this manager was so helpful and worked around my school days. My unit manager listens to employee concerns, and is very rational and fair. It’s been wonderful to be able to work with such an amazing group of people. Again I have been very luck to be where I am. I’m not sure that all the units have this same experience, but the places that I have worked within have been absolutely amazing.
Nursing Student | Toronto, ON | Mar 9, 2017
Making a difference in patients lives in a positive working enviroment
I worked 8 or 12 hours per day which included morning, afternoons and evenings shifts. I learned how to provide effective care to 6 patients (full patient load for an RPN at the facility). My responsibilities included; basic care, physical assessments, implementing nursing/medical interventions, medication administration, evaluations of patient therapy, ongoing monitoring of patients' conditions, as well as documentation (EPR, flow charts and progressive notes). I also had the opportunity to become competent in my bedside manner and apply my therapeutic communication skills with all my patients.
ProsBeing a part of the rehab process and working as part of a team
ConsNot having sufficient time to be able to provide psychological/social support for patients
Nutrition Services | Toronto, ON | Mar 17, 2013
Overall a good place and company to work for.
It is a stable job and the benefits are excellent. I worked with them for about 17 years. I supervised about 10 to 15 unionised employees at a given time and I enjoy working with people. The management were good and helpfull. When staff report sick and replacement was difficult. Unionised workforce and caution was always required because one does not want to regularly deal with union issues, because it will effect productivity. The challenge to put out the food on time and to constantly look for ways to work smarter productivity increases inspite of this being a union workforce.
Prosthere was free time to complete other work, and always got my lunch and other breaks.
Conssometimes long hours and being a workaholic i strive and overwork.
Administrative Clerk | Toronto, ON | Oct 5, 2018
Fast fast heavy work load with a business type environment.
A typical day to day routine would be to run reports for online donations as well as process donations from donors and issue receipts. My knowledge of how a hospital foundation supports the medical innovations that hospitals achieve grew immensely. the office was a very fast paced and there were constant deadlines needing to be met which was difficult to achieve sometimes due to donation volume and under staffing. Most enjoyable part of the job was the satisfaction of meeting the hospitals fundraising goal to allow the doctors in the hospital to take on new projects and innovating health care for patients.
ProsBonuses, free lunches and coffee.
ConsCould not take vacation time between November and February.
Associate | Toronto, OH | Jan 21, 2021
Rewarding, but stressful, place to work.
UHN is a large hospital with many different roles; I am within research. The work is rewarding from a purpose standpoint, but stressful, with many stresses including job security / financial stresses, high work demands, an "academic" culture that rewards selfless working long hours and punishes work-life balance, poor compensation relative to credentials; and limited upward mobility / unclear career progression. Passion for what you are working on is beneficial, but do not take a job in research expecting a stable career, you may be "making your career progression" up on your own - certainly this is true for any position; but especially true in research setting. Work environment and culture is highly dependent on who your supervisor is also; some are very reasonable to work for; others are tyrants with very poor management skills.
ProsGood company purpose, good benefits, (in some fields) career stability
ConsHigh stress, poor compensation, limited career progression, highly political at management level
Trainee | Toronto, OH | Mar 18, 2021
Working with smart and usually supportive people
I have worked at different sites including PMCRC, TGH, TWE, Sunnybrook as a research trainee. It is a great place to learn and to build a career. One usually has flexibility to move across research functions, get close to STEM or clinical/translational research. Huge difference between supervisors - some are very supportive, understanding, and helpful, and some just want papers but no support when their employees need. As a researcher, if you cannot get a PI position you will be really poorly paid, and one can say it is a dead-end. In return, one can feel that most of the long term research staff are smart scientists who care truly about science and usually are very nice people.
ProsFlexible hours, smart colleagues, purposeful rewarding job
Consvery low pay, if not a PI n practice there is no space for growth for researchers

Questions and answers about University Health Network

What is University Health Network holiday leave policy? How much holiday leave do you get per year?
Asked Jan 2, 2022
3 weeks
Answered Aug 13, 2023
5 weeks
Answered Jun 16, 2023
How is feedback from management delivered at University Health Network?
Asked Oct 5, 2018
In a non-transparent way. It is provided by directors who do not supervise or work directly with you. Delivered in a closed-door fashion when they refuse or decline requests to have colleagues, direct reports or team members present to contribute to your 360 professional reviews. They do not provide any concrete, specific examples to support their vague feedback. When you speak with colleagues and other leaders, they will verify that they were not approached or solicited to contribute input as part of your 360 AND that they were, in fact, turned away when they wanted to contribute positive feedback.
Answered Mar 1, 2023
Annual performance reviews.
Answered Jan 22, 2022
Do i need a car
Asked Nov 21, 2017
No public transit was very accesible. TTC has a direct route right to the hospital parking was provided if you did have a vehicle.
Answered Oct 5, 2018
That depends on the job you do and where you live.
Answered Aug 29, 2018
If someone doesn't have any experience working in a lab/research but would like the chance to and has an University degree, would this be a good place to work?
Asked Aug 7, 2017
Yes. You could coordinate with a research scientist and work under them in a unpaid position to gain work experience.
Answered Aug 27, 2019
But no one replies to the emails if there is any opening for research.
Answered Oct 12, 2018
What are the perks offered by University Health Network?
Asked Mar 21, 2017
Great benefits good paying job resourceful and reliable HR department
Answered Jan 31, 2019
Working at UHN has so many benefits and priviledges provided to every employee in any department. Pension benefits are the most highlighted and significant upon the retirement of an employee.
Answered Jan 24, 2019