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Overall reviews at University of Saskatchewan

Instructor | Edwards, ON | Apr 6, 2018
Academic capitalism trumps public good
The so-called "instructional practitioner" designation at the Edwards School of Business (ESB) is very telling. Knowledge is demeaned to "just another market commodity." If present expansions in part-time contingent faculty continues, two-thirds of the "faculty" consists of "adjuncts" hired on poor paying, short-term contracts--to teach off-the-shelf and Web-based material they themselves have not created. What sort of society could conceivably benefit from the replacement of scholars with manufactured employees--each programmed according to pre-packaged content taught them by poorly qualified precarious labour. This new and expanding cadre of administrative bureaucrats have little or no teaching background and, if this trend continues, degrees from the ESB will turn out to be little more than expensive fishing licenses for fished-out lakes, rivers and streams. This increasing infestation of all-administrative universities amounts to a form of "leadership" that--metaphorically--resembles hoards of lemmings playing follow-the-leader over the cliff edge. The Edwards School of Business is just another business for selling loans.
ProsThe students are great and amazing.
ConsThe administration are accountants, with no teacher training in education.
Administrative Secretary | Saskatoon, SK | Jan 24, 2013
working in academic environment was very gratifying and stimulating
My typical day of work involved meeting the public which is predominantly students, faculty, dept heads and other campus staff, answering phones, using the PAWS banner system, the UniFi accounting system, the extension delivery department, interdepartmental relationships such as College of Education, College of Arts and Science, the Office of the President aboriginal initiatives and the Aboriginal Students Centre for Student Services. My role was to manage classlists, book lists, posting schedules, order stationary, take bulk print jobs for printing, doing class evaluations, sit on campus committees, organize public speaking events with local, national and international scholars. There was also opportunity to take classes, free training, publish articles and present at conferences. Lastly it involved being a clearing house for indigenous relationships, books, events, speakers, policies, government research findings, etc. The hardest part of the job was being sole departmental support while other departments had 2-3 support staff managing the departmental office.
Proshigh level performance was recognized and appreciated
Consno increased funding to the dept
Maintenance Person | Canada | Aug 5, 2021
Poor upper and middle management at the operations level.
Would be a great place to work If the practiced what they preach....Middle management does what upper management wants them to without question or collaborating. Upper management hires people that tow the line. If you speak your mind you will be given a golden handshake at best, or they will make your life miserable until you are forced to quit at worst. Keep your mouth closed if you want to have a job. Don’t provide suggestions to management cause they will do what they want regardless. They don’t listen to feedback from guys who are on the ground. They waste money and resources on failed programs and policies. The approach now is to hire new guys who don’t know much stuff they have messed up in the past years. Zero accountability!!! For anyone, except for the lowest on the totem pole. They are always the ones to blame and held accountable. I am speaking for one area of the operation maybe other areas are better...I can hope.
ProsGood benefits, holidays etc.
ConsPoor management, disorganized, wasting resources and money, not accepting feedback.
Clerical Assistant | Saskatoon, SK | Jan 5, 2019
Declining environment
Used to be awesome place to work. Still sounds like professional employees are pretty happy but support workers are experiencing increased work loads with staff cut backs and buy outs. Knowledgeable people are gone and many not replaced and if replaced training is greatly lacking. I work in a great College and with a great group but due to continual cut backs and restructuring at the university I wonder how much longer until we are out of work. Lack of contract for 3 yrs and direction university is going with it is not encouraging at all as we are being threatened with wages being red circled and pay ranges reduced, loss of sick time, pension erosion, and possible job action looming. Very discouraging and no longer matches what I signed on under. I feel loyalty to my College and group but betrayed by the larger institution.
ProsBeautiful campus with many great people
ConsErodng work environment
Instructional Designer | Saskatoon, SK | May 16, 2016
Review Summary
A typical day at the U of S involves completing projects, attend meetings and negotiating with clients (professors). It involves working with the production team to complete projects. I learned how to manage 10 projects at the same time. My co-workers were very professional people, very confident of their own abilities and skills. They were easy to work with. The hardest part of the job was to handle university management who was all out to eliminate our group through restructuring. My colleagues and I spent a lot of time fighting university management and dealing with the impending layoffs. The most enjoyable part of the job was completing the projects and seeing students succeed in the courses.
ProsA very satisfying experience when the projects were successfully launched.
ConsThe Instructional Design Group was eventually removed by the University management, we were laid off.
Systems Project Manager | Canada | Oct 15, 2013
Overall the university is a stimulating and enjoyable place to work
A typical day will involve much interaction with many fine people. The natural of a research educational organization produces a stimulating, often leading edge environment in which to work. There is largely support for new and innovative ideas directed at opportunities for improvement of services and support to the teaching and learning community. The university tends to suffer from top heavy administration and applies a business profit/loss model to an organization that does not fit that model. Being largely dependent on government funding or corporate support makes maintaining an open environment of exploration and novel ideas difficult. This sometimes impacts what would otherwise be new and exciting ways of doing things.
Grounds Crew | Saskatoon, SK | Aug 5, 2018
Fun place, Terrible Management
Fun place to work, loved the people who worked the summer position as well HOWEVER. The higher ups are nothing but manipulative and terrible at organizing their staff. Also most other staff members in other departments are constantly out to get others in trouble. anything from taking a water break will be photographed on someones cell phone and sent to the boss and you will be disciplined, still don't know what those people do for work because they seem to do nothing but sit and take pictures of us all day. So again great place to meet people, terrible dysfunctional atmosphere.
Prosdecent pay, the odd free lunch
Consterrible atmosphere, constant backstabbing, dysfunctional higher up employees
Technical Support Specialist | Saskatoon, SK | Apr 30, 2013
I was a student employee - that about it sums it up
This was the first job I actually enjoyed. Working in IT was something I hadn't figured I would really enjoy - I went into the interview with an idea of doing programming - but after a few weeks I found I liked the sysadmin like nature of the employment. As much as the job may have been enjoyable, it was still a student position. Working part time, at a student rate, in a student only position meant that I didn't receive a lot of monetary benefits and that there was no room for advancement.
ProsAwesome learning experience, developed a great set of sysadmin and technical skills, fantastic work environment - IT was appreciated
ConsLow pay, often there was nothing wrong - I had nothing to do
Teaching Assistant | Saskatoon, SK | Jun 22, 2017
A fun and busy environment.
A typical day at work would be to attend the appointed Professors classes and take notes on which the exams would be written upon. During exam period I was to proctor the exams and mark the exams within the period of a day or two. Midterms and essays were a part of the the teachers assistant/ advisor role. This was done for 2 different classes, averaging close to 400 students per semester.The hardest part was to grade and enter the data in a timely manner for the students to view. The most enjoyable part was being able to guide the students pre and post exam periods to see progress through out the semester.
ProsTo observe progress in the students.
ConsMarking in a timely manner.
Accounts Payable Clerk | Saskatoon, SK | Mar 25, 2019
I enjoyed my years at the University Bookstore
I worked in a job I liked and with excellent management staff. It was a cohesive and great group of people to work with. We enjoyed many events together as staff at meals and at people's homes for retirements and other occasions.The work was interesting and varied enough to never get boring, I loved to work in a bookstore and in the University setting.I worked in accounts payable, paying invoices and maintaining inventory records so it was always busy, and learned new computer systems more than once over the years. I considered most of the people I worked with every day as friends.
ConsWalking up ramps was not good for bad knees and hip

Questions and answers about University of Saskatchewan

If you were in charge, what would you do to make University of Saskatchewan a better place to work?
Asked Dec 11, 2018
More training and development programs
Answered Mar 6, 2020
Effective communication. Create an inclusive and honest atmosphere.
Answered Oct 9, 2019
What was the most challenging part of your role at University of Saskatchewan?
Asked Sept 16, 2020
Sometimes lots of scripts.
Answered Jun 22, 2022
Employee relations
Answered Jun 22, 2021
How is feedback from management delivered at University of Saskatchewan?
Asked Sept 15, 2019
The management never listens to their employees, because they don't have the basic knowledge and work experiences in these specific areas.
Answered Nov 17, 2021
Nothing good to say about my management. Managers and directors unqualified for position they were on.
Answered Sept 16, 2020
Does University of Saskatchewan allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked Jul 22, 2019
Depend on research groups.
Answered Feb 1, 2022
Set hours and ever changing schedules dont make any advanced plans.
Answered Nov 9, 2021
Can you work remotely at University of Saskatchewan?
Asked Nov 21, 2018
Yes I am able.
Answered Aug 12, 2020
I never have but do know a few people that did work from home or from other places and did skype meetings and came to the university in person as much as possible.
Answered Sept 16, 2019