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Library Staff and Student | London, ON | May 29, 2014
Workplace and Student Life in Jeopardy
Follow the money trail... 1. Health - Cancers, Asthma, Toxicity and other diseases for both students and workers because of incessant construction and poor materials which off-gas and have construction dust, particularly in library, Physics building, and others. Staff in one dept. have been in the midst of legal action for their life threatening health problems due to this. 2. Biased - Ombudsperson and other staff hired to "help" students actually help themselves to gaining personal stories and information which they pass on to higher up ie. Provost, and in turn work against the student and protect themselves from legal action. Dormitory and apartment housing on campus are also used to gain information. 3. Instructors - Do not assist the students who are struggling or in trouble for any reason. Weeding the weak and troubled or trouble makers out is a motto of the university. Their job is more important than a students. 4. Bullies - students, instructors, staff higher ups all have a tendency to allow this on the save their jobs and their classroom "teachers pet" status. If you get rid of the bad wood, everyone is their to help you as long as the majority are helped and benefited. 5. London and in General Ontario - wannabe los angeles. Already the privatization of medical system has happened. Most Ontarian's in the small and large cities tend to be materialistic - to the point of money extinction. Renovating basements endlessly, and putting kids in
ProsNothing, except for that amazing bagel spread
Consalmost everythnig - most imp. your health and sanity
Resident Advisor | London, ON | Apr 12, 2013
A well-rounded experience with an opportunity to grow but also the ability to know what it is like to be a working individual prior to graduation.
My experience at Western University is a bit different than a typical day of work at a regular job as I go to school and work for the same organization. I am currently a Residence Advisor at Western where I am responsible for building a community for a floor of 26 first year students. I have to plan programs such as movie nights, study sessions, dinners as well as posters that cater to the average college students' needs. I also have to be on duty at least 5 times a month for the building at night where I deal with any emergencies or situations that may occur in the building. My co-workers are upper year students just like myself who have a passion for influencing the lives of others and enjoy giving back to the Western community. The most enjoyable part of my job this year was watching the students on my floor grow into strong, responsible and well-motivated leaders over the past eight months. I enjoyed being able to see their gradual change and adaptability to university life while being there for them in any way possible.
Prosfree internet connection for eight months and single room accomodations.
Consalmost on call at any time of the night should an emergency arise.
Administrative Officer | London, ON | Apr 17, 2023
Culture and employee retention has suffered
I worked here for over a decade and was always proud of working at Western. However, in the past 3 years, the workplace culture has taken a nosedive. Western used to be known for its incredible employee retention, but now employees are leaving en masse and recruiting new employees has become next to impossible. The reason? Senior leadership/ HR has become incredibly inflexible and adversarial. Accommodation requests are flatly denied, hybrid or remote work is impossible to attain, information and reasoning behind decisions are kept secret now, communication is nonexistent and there are countless empty promises. It used to feel like Western valued their employees, and now it feels like they just view employees as robots that they're trying to extract the most labour from instead of as a whole person. It's been really demoralizing to witness and experience, and I hope that with significant change in senior leadership, the workplace culture at Western will improve again too. The employees deserve so much better than they have received over the last few years.
Volunteer | London, ON | Feb 26, 2014
Fun workplace with opportunity to constantly meet new people
As an Orientation Volunteer my job is to make sure that first year university students have an easy transition into university life. I live in residence with the first year students and serve a mentorship role. There are 34 Orientation Volunteers in the building as well as 20 paid staff members. I am there to help the first year students if they are having academic problems, social problems, or any question they may have. My role is to be their friend, so that they will always have someone to support them in their new environment. A typical day would include checking on the students, asking how there days were, I may have a meeting with the other volunteers in the building, and I am pretty much there 24/7 in case any problems arise. The hardest part of the job is balancing my school work as well as spending time with the students. There will be times in the middle of the night where a student needs help and it is my job to be there. I love the people I work with as well as the students I am responsible for. The people make it all worth it.
Post-doctoral Fellow | London, ON | Sep 5, 2022
Unproductive environment and Non-supportive seniors
My experience at Western University is terrible of my whole career. I was appointed as postdoctoral associate and I have two supervisors. I have very bad experience of working under two supervisors as both were trying me to do work under them separately and also I was supposed to teach three courses annually. They doubted my skills most of the time, I felt humiliated initially as I joined them from well settled job for better career in Canada but my experience with them was very bad. The senior employees in department are not supportive and shown don't care attitude as I requested them to extend my stay at Western University. I moved to Canada with family and relocation is very much difficult for me in this situation but after making requests to my both supervisors they paid no attention on my suffering and not to help me out in this difficult time of my career. I would not suggest to pursue postdoctoral position under two supervisors as its nearly impossible to satisfy them.
Administrative Secretary | London, ON | Oct 17, 2012
Very Organized and Productive Work Place
I would open up the office before the manager was in the building to turn on computers and check e-mails. Organize the products in the office and check for any late returns. File files, call in any late product, reserve any equipment for professors and students, and book and sign out equipment for professors and students. Management was great. I was able to understand right away what I was supposed to do. I picked up on the job very quick and was able to be self sufficient with out the help of my manager. There was no co-workers. I was the only secretary working in the office. I did not find that the job was hard or difficult in any way. I believe most of it was because everything was very straight forward and organized. The most enjoyable part of the job was working in the same building that I would have my classes in. It was very convenient for me and it allowed for me to balance school and work very easily.
Prosworking in the same building as my classes, management, organized
Consnot able to put in extra hours
Research Assistant | London, ON | Mar 9, 2016
Great learning environment with a multitude of resources
As a graduate student at Western, there was always the ability to learn as well as multiple opportunities to advance personal growth and knowledge in areas such as health and illness, migration, and also in qualitative and quantitative work. At Western I learned independence as well as the importance of working as a team and learning your resources in other academics. To conduct good research requires a solid foundation in ethics and methods, and Western offers these resources through other employees or programs on-campus or through affiliations with other Institutions. The most difficult part of the position is ensuring proper balance and creating your own timeline to do work efficiently; however, this challenge is also what makes being a part of the Western community enjoyable. There is always room for growth and expansion if you choose to pursue those options yourself.
ProsInterconnectedness with colleagues, resources, support
Transcriptionist | London, ON | Nov 14, 2019
Easy going and lots of autonomy
This job is quite easy. Little to no experience is needed. There is lots of autonomy in a position like this so you need to be very good at setting daily/ weekly goals. Pros are it provides the flexibility to set your own hours, cons are the same. You will need to be self-motivated for this work-from-home position as time-management is essential. Added pro: resume upgrade working for a university on a research project. Overall, a very relaxed position. Great boss. Good for earning a bit of cash on the side for a single parent, full-time/part-time student, or anyone looking to add to their resume and skill set. Typical days are 4-5 hours long, with one or two days running over the six-hour mark. Transcription work entails writing, rewriting, translating, or conveying in the written word, documents of either audio or written word into a legible written format- verbatim, or in the case of translation- as closely as possible to the original text/ audio recording.
Administrative Assistant | London, ON | Jul 11, 2023
A Shadow of it's former self as an employer
over the past 5 years uwo has become incredibly top heavy. NEW management roles are created while staff jobs are lost by merging multiple roles into one and/or not replacing staff when the quit or retire. unfilled positions because no one is applying leaves existing staff over worked and overlooked. Raises have been well below the cost of living increase for at least a decade and even worse now with inflation high and raises capped at the hardly noticeable 1% staff are essentially making 5 - 8 % less each year. the peope are great, even when morale is low colleagues tend to hold onto commradery. The overall culture has suffered and continues to suffer and staffers, some long term jump ship for employers who provide real benefits and realistic pay.
ProsHours are decent and vacations are good
ConsRaises are much lower than cost of living, too much management and too many staff roles unfilled. lack of clear communication
Post-doctoral Fellow | London, ON | Jun 27, 2020
Extremely poor experience, Poor management, promises (were done in interview) are not fulfilled. Don't join as postdoc until this is last option.
1. A clear demarcation of race, if you are not sharing the same race with your boss, means you have messed your working life. 2. Make a document if you are promised for something in an interview. If not, you will not get it even after joining. 3. No one (HR) will inform you about the benefits until you ask them. 4. They don't know how to deal with staff, department secretary doesn't know the rules and can mess with your career. 5. Being a postdoc, you are not considered as staff nether a student, it means you miss the benefits of both. 6. unclean accommodations (Plattes-lane-state) beware of it. 7. One star for its flexible timing, a nice gym, and a beautiful city (location).
ProsFlex time, good gym, beautiful location, green city to live.
Consnepotism, one race clearly favors same race, poor understanding of rules by staff, very poor documentation.
Culinary | Campus, IL | Nov 11, 2022
They have nothing to offer
Accepting a position at UWO in Hospitality means earning a low wage, and that’s ok. What is not ok is that this prolific University business lacks so much education - so ironic. A complete lack of leadership that takes on many forms including not listening, jumping to conclusions, not asking questions, making excuses and failure to accept responsibility, no delegation, selective interactions while alienating other team members, inability to identify practical step, squashing any problem solving or initiative, leadership avoids stressful situations, Everyone suffers is this work environment. The ineffective leadership has lost sight that they exist to serve the University and their customers and fail to meet, or anticipate those needs. Some management is comfortable with the status quo and deems it ‘going with the flow’ with no drive for improvement or learning. Such a shame for UWO.
ProsAmazing cordial and engage students
ConsNo leadership

Questions and answers about Western University

Does Western University allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked Jan 13, 2019
Answered Oct 4, 2020
Depends on position.
Answered Nov 17, 2019
Does Western University require background check?
Asked May 8, 2018
Yes, it does require.
Answered Sep 5, 2022
No it does not require a background check, even for jobs the deal with very sensitive information
Answered Jul 7, 2020
How are the working hours at Western University?
Asked Feb 11, 2018
Flexible but usually 9AM - 5PM
Answered Sep 5, 2022
35 hour/week
Answered Jun 9, 2021
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Western University?
Asked Oct 1, 2020
Check out everything about the role before the interview
Answered Aug 25, 2023
to be frank
Answered Oct 4, 2020
What is the dress code at Western University?
Asked Jun 27, 2020
business casual for the most part
Answered Jul 11, 2023
Uniform. Blue work pants and Western tee shirt.
Answered Oct 23, 2021