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Telecommunicator | Toronto, ON | Mar. 13, 2013
I enjoyed working very much for Wiilliam Osler Health Centre
I was on a 6 month contract and worked in the communication department. Were called codes, paged Doctors and Nurses, Helped family members find there loved ones. Called taxes for different people, worked shifted work. Met alot of different people and staff members. Enjoyed working with everyone.Learned alot of different things while on the job.
Prosgot to work with alot of interesting people.
Conssome times had to work long hours and double shifts.
Volunteer | Brampton, ON | Sep. 3, 2018
As a volunteer at Brampton Civic Hospital, I committed to come in once every week for a few hours. My schedule was very adjustable and I was able to come in when I could. At the Diabetes clinic, I gained experience in health administration and was assigned various office duties. The assigned duties were pretty easy however they were strenuous as there were a lot of files to go through and a lot of inventory that constantly needed to be organized and updated.
Call Center Representative | Brampton, ON | Feb. 23, 2018
productive working environment
communicating with patients about their personal experiences within the hospital. problem solving any issues that arise during the conversation and providing any possible solutions.
Registered Nurse | Brampton, ON | Sep. 30, 2013
great, multicultural environment.
I was able to obtain experience as an RPN on a dynamic team of individuals who strived to provide the community with kind and compassionate care. Hardest part of the job was definitely developing relationships with patients and having to say goodbye in the end, but at the same time it was very rewarding to watch the progress of the patients and building trusting relationships with them and their families.
Prosgreat benefits
Conslong hours
Intake Coordinator | Brampton, ON | Aug. 26, 2014
Excellent organization which provides services to people who have an intellectual disability. Enjoyed meeting with clients, making a difference
Excellent Company. Able to excel quickly, being promoted to various positions within the organization.
ProsGreat hours and great people to work with
ConsOn-going restructuring causing unsettlement within the organization
Intake Coordinator | Brampton, ON | Jul. 29, 2014
Productive workplace
Enjoyed working in the fast paced setting, working independently and in a team setting. Excellent management support to advance. Sad to leave due to company closure.
ProsCompany functions for staff, including lunches, plays, etc..
ConsThe slow down of referrals which affected business resulting in the closure.
Nursing Student | Brampton, ON | Sep. 20, 2012
Productive and it was fun working with a multi-cultural team
- The most clients were not able to talk and they needed the help of the nurses for the ADLs. There I learned a number of nursing skills and also learned how to interact with patients who are unable to talk. - Co-workers were helpful and treated the students in a respectful manner
Prosable to refresh my knowledge everyday
Conslong hours
Environmental Specialist | Etobicoke, ON | Aug. 24, 2017
good place to work at
In the hospital world there is always a new adventure always different tasks to attend I was dealing with all workers, visitors patients on a daily basis
Proshappy place to work for and the people are great
Conslost this job to cut backs
Program Administrator | Brampton, ON | Sep. 28, 2019
Excellent place to work at
Large amount of positions to choose from. Workload is good but sometimes increased with amount of relocation of staff. There are many opportunities for advancement. Management is good but not exceptional lacking in proper distribution of duties equally among staff. Union and non-union positions sometimes become a battle as there is a lot of "bumping" staff due to seniority levels. The Foundation office is well run with many fundraising opportunities. There are many committees that staff can participate in. For the most part, It is a pleasure working at William Osler Hospital.
Prosstaff yearly BBQ, fundraising events, vendors in lobby, good pension program
Constoo top heavy with too many managers and directors.
Team Trainer | Brampton, ON | Jul. 25, 2018
Fun place to work in depending on group
The job is stressful, but if you have a fun group to work with it helps minimize the stress levels.Generally the nurses and staff we call to work are great to work with.

Questions and answers about William Osler Health Centre

What are the perks offered by William Osler Health Centre?
Asked Aug. 24, 2017
Nothing fantastic.
Answered Jul. 16, 2020
Summer barbeque
Answered Feb. 25, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make William Osler Health Centre a better place to work?
Asked Feb. 13, 2019
Pay contracted staff their worth, not $14/hr. Barely a living wage.
Answered Jul. 1, 2020
Make sure that management was strong and worked with their staff to make it a good working environment.
Answered Apr. 20, 2019
How often do raises occur at William Osler Health Centre?
Asked Sep. 28, 2019
Rarely happen as they have a levelling system that contradicts itself.
Answered Jul. 1, 2020
Not often - yearly cost of living occurs but performance reviews are not done until someone either does something they should not be doing or the actual employee asks for a raise.
Answered Sep. 28, 2019
If you were to leave William Osler Health Centre, what would be the reason?
Asked Apr. 20, 2019
Management who forces employees to ignore patient care to meet targets
Answered Jul. 16, 2020
I left because I was walked out. From a colleague at the hospital in another department stated that there was over hiring and I was the last one in therefore 1st one out.
Answered Apr. 20, 2019
What are the working hours at William Osler Health Centre?
Asked Dec. 3, 2018
7.5 hrs up to 37.5 hours a week.
Answered Jan. 19, 2021
About15 hours a week
Answered Dec. 3, 2018