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Contractor | Toronto, ON | Dec 11, 2018
Office is at Front Street downtown Toronto. Conveniently Located close to Union station and Go station.
In a typical day at work our team meeting starts at 9 am - 9:15 am every Tuesday and Thursday. Other days we start our work at 9 am which was scheduled to us. Daily Defect Analysis meeting which was conducted by QA Team at 11 am - 11:30 am. Then lunch hours 12 - 12:30 pm. At 2 am - 2: 30 am walk through and progress report meeting. Sometimes we have defect fix and business stakeholders meeting. At 4 pm we have to submit individual job progress daily basis for reporting which release daily at 5 pm. I learned communication and collaboration within team and outside team i.e. vendors, client and stakeholders. I learned how to write confidential email and normal email to protect and maintain privacy and security which is very important now a days. Obviously, we have to learn company policies and its dos and don'ts. Management- In this particular project I found weak headed management staffs. Some of them are not so technically sound. From day 1 starting from requirement gathering initiation till the end o product release and maintenance (SDLC) our team found lots of gap. During execution we found severe defects and our always target to bridge those gaps to minimize management hind falls or loop holes. So that at the end of the day the product goes green before launch before release. Workplace Culture - It is public sector unionized company. The full timer permanent staffs has authority and provisions to take holidays every fortnightly. Work ethics and work culture was no
ProsParty time and rest hours
ConsPressure time extra hours stay at office or work from home. Sometimes we worked weekends also.
Case Manager | Toronto, ON | Sept 29, 2020
toxic place to work
toxic place to work with unrealistic work targets. they act like they care about customer experience, but with the volumes of work on your desk, all they care about is quantity over quality in every front line quality facing role. it's always about hitting targets, and if you can't, prepare to be let go during probation. they will work you like a slave, and continuously berate you if for one day you fail to meet the goals. case management is BEYOND out of control. case load is not manageable, and the job is essentially spent 24/7 on the phone. calling and begging people to go back to work, it is full of clients berating you, talking down to you and abusing you over the phone. make or break is the manager you are assigned. many love to micromanage and constantly criticize your work even if you are hitting targets. conflict among co-workers and different roles, as many are trying to pass the workload off to others rather than do it themselves. chronnically understaffed due to poor planning. many people on stress leave, retirements not adequately replaced with new staff so you continue to be bombarded with work from the desks of others. HIGH turnover rates in jobs like eligibility adjudicator and case management, because many internal candidates leave to go back to their comfortable lower level jobs because of the job security provided by the union.
Prosthe salaries are high, great benefits, dental, retirement, generous vacation package, good union providing job security. lots of opportunity to move internally
Conswork makes you miserable, and bleeds into your overall happiness and well being, MANY people here on stress leave and long term disability for stress, many people who are unqualified for their jobs have job security through union and are lazy, WORST HR department of all time, talent acquisition is constantly making mistakes
Supplier Manager | Toronto, ON | Jul 13, 2016
Excellent coporate work environment, with many different areas to explore and learn concerning injured worker insurance claims.
- Very comfortable, relaxed environment with flexible work arrangements, if necessary. - Numerous opportunities for advancement and education (through lunch and learn sessions, mandated training, skills upgrading sessions, etc.). - Access to a fully stocked library - Excellent benefits package, including wellness promotion (work/life balance). - Understanding, open-minded management willing to listen, learn, and implement employee ideas for productivity improvements. - Co-workers willing to embrace newer employees with ease in order to lessen their ramp-up time so as to fulfill the team's capabilities. - I learned quite a bit about the government side of the insurance industry, especially concerning Labour Market Re-entry. - Hardest part of the job was understanding all the moving parts regarding the life of a claim, and how each area interacts with the others. Understanding the numerous acronyms used was also a daunting task. - Most enjoyable was the hands off approach afforded each analyst to complete their tasks by due deadlines and the inner satisfaction of assisting others who felt no qualms about asking for help on particular projects, as well as management's willingness to listen and entertain newer ideas.
ProsBenefits, shorter weeks, Corporate Health, compensation, flexibility, job security
ConsImpersonal at times, parking, elevator availability at certain times of the day
Document Control Clerk | Toronto, ON | Aug 26, 2016
Productive and fun workplace
A typical day at work would be that I'd be filling in insurance claims so that they are ready to be prepped and ready to be filed. I also would sort out the mailing that the insurance claims are ready to be sent off. What I learnt on the job is how insurance claims are filled and organized. I was only shown once how it was all done and it was easy to be left alone completing the files. My co-workers were great, they were extremely friendly and always came by to see how I was coping and offered help if needed. There is a friendly environment working with other co-workers in the office. When there were times when I would finish a task early, I would ask my co-workers if they needed anything done which I would do for them with no complaints. This I found built up more friendship and trust with my other co-workers. There is nothing I can really say what the hardest part of the job would be because it was all relatively straight forward. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with great co-worker. Tasks that were given were fairly straightforward and if I needed help there were numerous co-workers I could ask and they wouldn't have a problem with it.
Prosgreat working hours, friendly enviroment
Consno cons really to say
Administrator | Toronto, ON | Dec 17, 2013
A summer job that brought growth and challenges.
I get to work no later than 8:30 am. I check my email and voice message to make sure I don't have important issues to deal with. If I am not working on anything from the previous day I go over to the "in bin" and pick up tasks to be completed for the day. Review accounts and contact clients regarding their pension plan. I respond to enquiries from clients, their representatives and WSIB staff by explaining the rationale for any decision. Prepare my monthly status updates to managers and co-workers. Before the end of the day I review all my tasks make sure nothing is left unattended. I priotize my duties for the following day. Check my agenda to make sure I am prepared for meetings the next day. There are times I was working on my own and times when I was working as part of a team. My day ends at 4:30 p.m., however my day ends later if stuff needs to be done. The hardest part of the job was learning the systems, however once I became familiar with it, it was easy. The most enjoyable part of the job was learning new challenges and achieving my goals.
Prosmeeting new people and developing a network of opportunities
Consshort term, summer job only.
Adjudicator | Toronto, ON | Jun 29, 2022
A fast paced environment.
The salaries are attractive, the caseloads are ridiculously high and management's attitude is "that's why we pay you the big bucks." The benefits have been reducing over the years as the employer's standards change. Your time at your desk is clocked, your work on the computer is monitored as well as your phone calls. I have worked there in different capacities. As an Adjudicator/Case Manager, I managed a caseload. It was an ongoing challenge, a balancing act: non-stop phone calls, reviews and enquiries, action plans, decision memos and letters. Customer service is top priority. In class training was excellent and the job helped me to develop excellent skills that take me through life as well. However, it was my colleagues who got me through the work day. But now, staff morale is diminishing as the environment becomes more stressful and that level of support is no longer there, not from management, nor from colleagues.
ProsYou can work a longer day to accumulate a day off (flexible work plan), It is a unionized environment.
ConsNo free lunches not even at Christmas time, You work longer hours in an effort to manage your caseload.
Case Manager | Toronto, ON | Jun 26, 2021
Toxic workplace
I'm writing this to warn people that this workplace is very toxic. There's a reason why they are always advertising for the role of case manager. They told new hires that they have a high turnover rate. High turnover rate is never a good sign at a company. They need to be transparent and let new hires know that they must pass the 9 month probationary period. You are not formally hired until you pass 9 months of probation. A major component of moving along in the trial period is that you must pass practicum. However, passing practicum is determined by whether your trainer likes you and not necessarily based on your skill level. If your trainer doesn't like you they will fail you. There was a lot of inconsistencies with the training. Which is very frustrating when you are told different information from multiple people. No accommodations are made when you bring these issues up. Yes, the money is great but the work culture is toxic along with management.
ProsBenefits, pay
ConsHeavy workload, toxic work environment
Event Coordinator | Toronto, ON | Feb 9, 2014
Very caring and professional environment
WSIB was an excellent place to work and as an event / conference coordinator, and I was given a spacious desk and the freedom to work independently. Each day I would provide client services to injured workers by organizing the conferences which would decide the benefits that would be given to their insurance claims. Excellent communication skills were needed to perform the duties of this role and I thought I did an excellent job. The logistics of each event and the research of venues were always a task I enjoyed. I certainly learned how to plan and manage my time efficiently and what questions to ask when planning events and activities. My co-workers were friendly and approachable and I enjoyed working with them. This experience was very valuable and beneficial to my career goal and will be an asset to this position as an Activities Coordinator.
ProsVery interested in the planning events/activities aspect of this job
ConsContract only - no chance of full time
Client Services | Toronto, ON | Jan 16, 2014
Great learning experience and meaningful work.
adjudication of workplace accident/injury claims. Managing a multi-disciplinary staff of caseworkers, nurses and adjudicators. Writing, planning and budget forecasting and goal setting. Policy review and corporate training. Public speaking and conference planning. Most enjoyed the collaborative and cohesive team environment. Most disliked inadequate recognition of good work performance and inpossible workloads and time management expectations. Resources were simply not provided to allow for a more relaxed and productive work environment. Staff were feeling the pressure to meet unrealistic goals. I also did not like attending meetings which accomplished very little, if anything at all, and were not worth the time invested in attending them.
ProsExcellent salary and benefits and collaborative working environment.
ConsUnrealistic expectations and inadequate resourcing.
Account Analyst | Toronto, ON | Jun 19, 2018
Golden Handcuffs
Once you get in to WSIB, you are set. The pay and the benefits are on the higher end of the spectrum. However, getting in is incredibly difficult. Most external jobs are contract, so there is no benefits or job security, however you do get paid more because there is not benefits. Once you become permanent, your pay will be reduced, but you will get benefits. Once you're in, moving around in the company is especially difficult as the HR procedures are somewhat lopsided. You have to do a work sample that is the duties of the job you are applying for to get the job. However, you may have never done the job. Once you get the job, you will be trained on it, so it is very unusual that one of the main ways to get an interview is to show your proficiency at a job you may have never done, and you know little about. But this is the process.
ProsGreat compensation
ConsHard to move within the company

Questions and answers about Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

What should you wear to an interview at Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?
Asked Apr 21, 2017
Wear comfortable clothing that a professional would wear to work
Answered Mar 14, 2019
Causal, generally they are not particular at dress code
Answered Jan 15, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?
Asked Mar 18, 2019
Well, your job will be to stare at a computer screen all day every day, month after month, year after year till you get injured or die from radiation poisoning. They will try to fire you when you get the smallest disability.
Answered Aug 30, 2020
The organization provides opportunities to learn new skills for those that are eager and work hard to ensure results are achieves. We value team work and competent individuals.
Answered Feb 17, 2020
Does Workplace Safety and Insurance Board allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked Mar 18, 2019
You may have assigned core hours but management is willing to be flexible in most cases.
Answered Jun 8, 2021
Old school approach to schedule. If you are a minute late you will be asked why. Be ready for micromanaging.
Answered Oct 24, 2020
What is the dress code at Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?
Asked Oct 14, 2018
Casual yet professional
Answered Feb 24, 2021
Business casual
Answered Feb 21, 2019
What is the company culture at Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?
Asked Aug 1, 2018
Respect one another and stay safe
Answered Jul 31, 2019
The staff get along really well. Unfortunately few people want to move to management so sometimes they don't have the best managers. They tend to micro manage.
Answered Feb 27, 2019