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District Manager | Canada | Jun 3, 2020
YM Inc, a great example of what to avoid.
Working at YM Inc sounded promising however after experiencing the actual day to day I would unfortunately have to discourage anyone from working with this company. Pay is cheap, workload is high and overall attitude towards employees is "replaceable". I've only met two good district managers, the rest were unprofessional. Regional managers and their superiors understand the fundamental issues with this company however do not make a push to change for the better. This company expects loyalty for nothing in return. There are better opportunities elsewhere. The company's response to COVID-19 was unfair for the store level employees as they had kept the doors open until the very last day. On the last day notice was given to employees that they would be laid off WITHOUT 2 WEEKS PAY. They were left on their own to lock the doors and get out. The only direction given from head office was to ensure the deposits were brought to the bank. Flash forward to today the bare minimum requirements can be seen in their stores (hand sanitizer, makeshift visors) however no real PPE was given to staff. Hazard pay is non existent - all store level employees are minimum wage. Worklife balance: As a salaried employee myself I was never limited to a "5 day work week" however was expected to be on call even on days off. It was not uncommon for others to bring their phones on vacation to deal with work. After calculating my base salary + bonuses divided by the actual amount of hours worked
Cashier/Sales | Montréal, QC | Nov 16, 2020
Easy and fun but better be ready to be treated poorly
I worked there for around a year now and the job itself is pretty easy and straightforward. I usually have a lot of fun there but... There's possibilities for advancement that comes fairly quickly if you already have work experience since most workers are very young. However, the hours varies from week to week, for example I used to do 30 hours a week during the summer and in autumn I sometimes had 5 hours a week. So if you have an apartment or anything that needs a stable income, I do not recommend working there. I did two location and in one we were sometimes refused lunch hour. and twice in the months there, I worked a 10 hours shift without a pause, when I complained she told me it was usual (ps. It's not). They 100% do not respect the breaks and lunch time you are suppose to have so good luck with that. The chain of command is sometimes weird and I have found that some bosses have a real problem with respecting their employee. In a year and in many times seeing him the 'big' boss (not my direct manager but the one over her) has never answered any of my hello's or smile. It is crowded (obviously) during Christmas and the back to school time so these are harder times to do but the hours are better. I recommend working there if you have limited time to work (so as someone in school) but apart from those wanting to advance high in the company, it is not a job one usually stay at for long. I ended up with a good manager but I heard horror stories from workers in different
ProsEasy, Fun.
ConsBad pay, bad bosses, incoherent hours
Visual Manager | Toronto, ON | Oct 8, 2013
great people
I was responsible for the visual presentation of 25 stores, as Visual Manager of Western Canada. Duties included, analyzing the region’s sales, and merchandising strategies. Set up an action plan to elevate company standards, by managing and implementing company directives. Working with the operations team to increase sales and create an excellent environment for both customers and staff. As the region’s Visual Manager, I trained associates including, Managers, District Managers, Regional Managers and Visual Merchandisers, with the tools and skills to be more efficient in the stores visual presentation and readiness. Responsible for recruiting qualified associates to fulfill current and future positions in visual presentation, train colour stories, lighting and product placement. As well as conduct seasonal audits while reviewing productivity and making adjustments. Responsible for leading the region, by coaching teams to increase a high level of capacity and to maintain a high volume of merchandise. Implement team building and succession plans by training and developing the Visual Merchandising team with on-going workshops throughout the region. Lead over 20 store openings across Canada –including overall space planning, product placement, windows and lighting, as well as train store management with expert advice regarding merchandising standards and store maintenance.
Manager | Canada | Sept 3, 2016
Unprofessional company that ignores employees rights
This company is actually horrible. The employees are disposable and the way they leverage the bonuses for the district managers etc negates any of the needs of the employees on the ground floor. There are no reviews for employees even though they are promised. The DMs/GMs are a unprofessional and continually make work dramatic. I would NEVER work for this company again. They are ignoring employee labour laws, and pay their workers very little. There have been multiple complaints in our mall about how they run multiple locations. They do not care about who works for them, retaining the talent or encouraging growth. This is a dead end job unless they happen to actually promote someone into an upper management position in the corporate office. Our staff was amazing, and all have left and are working for other places that value their input and work. They have lost so much talent to other retailers (thank you for that) just sad to see such a giant company treating the people that make them their money the worst. If you want a future in retail or sales go start anywhere else. Get trained properly and don't invest your time in a place that treats you like you are disposable.
Consnot paid for overtime, no breaks, no reviews, no room for advancement.
Administrator | Mississauga, ON | Mar 9, 2020
Square One Location: Did not pay me correctly, over hired, full-time workers getting only 16 hours a week
Don't bother with ignorant individuals that this company is filled with. Overhired employees to help open the new store and help organize products, but "had to let them go" after a month not because it's legal, but because it wasn't in budget and they weren't understanding that hiring and just letting people go has a greater impact on the livelihood on the full-time employees. Urban Behaviour/Planet over MGMT culture is toxic, and does not know how to actually onboard new employees while opening/managing a new store. I wasn't paid correctly since day one of opening, communication is broken among managers unless you have their direct #, and even when repeating to correct your pay cheque they'll still forget to adjust even after mentioning that you have a mortgage and responsibilities. Typical training, but they assume that everything was taught when they haven't. As a Manager in Training/Store Administrator 14.50 is given, or apparently 14 for myself as an administrator. Would not recommend this company as a whole even the District Manager speaks more than he can selfishly chews. While I was asking what my pay is he rudely said, "$14...is that too much *insert a laugh*".
Retail Assistant Manager | Ontario | Oct 14, 2020
Toxic Work Environment
I worked for the company for 2 years. They drive out the good management with their completely unrealistic expectations. The only people who survive are on a management power trip and terrorize their part-time employees before moving on to better things. I worked in a store labeled as a B volume -- when it shouldn't have been. We were constantly berated for not meeting our budgets -- as though it was our fault that people just weren't coming into the store. When our management walked out, I was forced into a keyholder position with no training and only four part-time employees. I worked 47h a week while in university. Head office offered absolutely no support but belittling me about the messy state of the store. They gave me a 25 cent raise, which I had to fight for, as if that would make things better. Overall, no matter how much you love your coworkers, the toxic, competitive environment created by head office trickles down into the stores. I've defended people's numerous mistakes only to have them report me to higher management for mine. All anyone cares about, especially management, is themselves.
ProsIn-job training (for PT associates)
ConsAwful management, low pay, high expectations, low quality training for management
Receptionist | Toronto, ON | Jul 18, 2018
Head Office
The hours are very long and breaks are not guaranteed. The pay is very low for such a profitable company. The HR department is a joke especially the VP. The company is all about making money and saving face. Issues were not resolved, upper level management do not care about employees. You are expected to be a robot. The environment is toxic and employees are greatly unappreciated. The job and the tasks itself are fine. Although I didnt receive proper training I learned the job very quickly and was able to problem solve and understand how to smoothly operate throughout my tasks. Training was awful. The person who trained me was 2-4 hrs late everyday and I was left to learn the job on my own, not having proper working knowledge with also no access to the network due to not receiving all proper tools that were supposed to be provided by HR. Biases and personal feelings are used against employees in this company as well. I treated everyone that I came across with the utmost respect, greeted and smiled and was told that I behaved opposite. This is a cheap company that I would liken to slavery if you are not upper management or a higher level executive.
Pros20% Discount, Cake Day
ConsShort Breaks, Toxic Environment, Horrible Training
Visual Merchandiser | Toronto, ON | Feb 25, 2018
Used and Abused
Get ready to work for free, be set up to fail and gain zero recognition. Upper management is a complete boys club so if you’re a woman don’t plan on advancement. Labor board violations happen daily and they constantly take advantage of those who don’t know any better. Store managers often have no idea what they are doing, have zero skills and constantly disobey basic labor laws due to lack of training. The HR department seems to be no better so no example is set for them anyway. Managers seem to be just chasing employees for signatures on office memos rather than having time to do their job. Upper management constantly talks down to managers and treats them like utter dirt, and expects them to work non-stop. The company could have potential if they’d invest in their own people by treating them and paying them well but instead play boys club and get nothing real accomplished. Shining stars are dulled in order to keep themselves in power. If only the owner knew what kind of culture they were creating and the money of his they were wasting and how much talent they’ve turned away.
ProsPaycheck biweekly
ConsToxic Environment
Sales Associate | Burnaby, BC | Nov 12, 2018
Hostile environment, unhelfpul management
wont be able to speak for the whole company but all locations in metrotown under YMINC is a joke. first: you have a workplace that is very hostile and highschool-ish environment, just overall not great for growth. second: depending on who your DM and SM is, but most likely unless you can speak up for yourself and you are "tight" with any of the management then you're basically replaceable and useless to them regardless of how good and how much effort you put in the work. third: this might be the cheapest COMPANY ever, again might be Wrong, just depending on who your DM and or SM is, they basically pay minimum and will take advantage of that unless you speak up. lastly, customer's treatment to employee's is like no other (in a terrible way) .cause the brand is known for being a low end, messy, market like environment and no class workers. people come in there to basically mess up the whole place, get mad at you for not giving them discounts on "dirty" items (usually customers fault too)
Pros20% emplpyee discount on top of any promo, basically you can get up to 70%discounts
Assistant Manager | Brampton, ON | Sept 15, 2018
Worst Retail Company I've Ever Worked with
Over the course of 8 years I have worked in 4 different store for Ym Inc under 2 different banners. I have been promoted to management twice, with a 50 cent pay raise above min wage. They do yearly reviews, but follow up with nothing if it is positive, no raises have been given out ever. They create hostility in their employees by bullying uncooperating employees out of the workplace. DMs know their way around HR and procede accordingly to get around wrongful dismissal. The pay is absolutely Abhorrent for the amount of work employees are expected to do. The company is inconsistent with policies and procedures, as all different departments expect different things. Managers are always skimping on days off with other management members as they also need to lie and fake sick to take days off. Working with this company gives zero flexibility, and your ability to move up in the company is solely based on how you click with the DMs, RMs.
ConsLiterally every aspect of this company

Questions and answers about YM inc

How do you feel about the future of YM inc?
Asked Oct 7, 2019
I do not think that the banner and location at which I worked will sustain in the long term.
Answered May 13, 2022
Cheap clothing, underpaid/untrained staff and unrealistic expectations. The future is extremely grim with YM.
Answered Jul 12, 2021
Does YM inc require background check?
Asked Oct 7, 2019
Yes there was a criminal backcheck and 3 reference checks required.
Answered May 13, 2022
yes they do a backgroung check
Answered Apr 21, 2021
What would you suggest YM inc management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Jan 14, 2019
More of a open and collaborative environment .
Answered Feb 8, 2022
Augmenter le salaire
Answered Feb 6, 2020
What is the dress code at YM inc?
Asked Nov 19, 2018
Casual but professional
Answered Nov 13, 2021
S'habiller avec du linge d'urban planet ou du linge sans mention de marque ( competition )
Answered Feb 6, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at YM inc?
Asked Nov 12, 2018
They will give you multiple presentation and project to complete, you will do your best but they are using them to their next fashion year. So they are basically using your talent for FOC ( Free of Cost)
Answered Jun 29, 2021
Having knowledge of fast fashion turnover, sales experience
Answered Mar 25, 2019